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Train To Tend™ is an online course teaching information and skills for responsible sales of recreational marijuana in retail stores in . Train To Tend™ was developed and copyrighted by Klein Buendel, Inc. in 2017. Production of Train To Tend™ was funded by a grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

If you agree with all the following Terms of Use, you may continue to use the Train To Tend™ course. If you do not agree with all of the Terms of Use, do not use Train To Tend™. By using Train To Tend, you are agreeing to abide by the Terms of Use.

The Train To Tend™ course provides this training. When employees complete the course, Train To Tend™ provides a Certificate of Completion that can be retained by the store management and the store employees and presented to state regulators if requested.

The Train To Tend™ course is divided into modules or sections, with an introduction, a group of instructional activities and simulations, and a wrap up. Each module ends with a short quiz containing 10 questions. Also, at the end of the entire training, you must complete a final exam containing 50 questions. In , you must answer at least of the questions in each quiz and in the final exam to pass the course and receive a Certificate of Completion.

The same person who completes the training in the modules must take the quizzes and final exam to receive the Certificate of Completion. You will be asked to enter your occupational badge number for selling marijuana issued by when registering for Train To Tend™. This badge number will be printed on the Certificate of Completion and stored in the course database.

Klein Buendel, Inc., the authors and funders of Train To Tend™, and Klein Buendel’s staff cannot be held responsible for any consequences that may result from the use of the Train To Tend™ course.

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